be bold, be brave, be you {free printable}

be bold 480x600 be bold, be brave, be  you {free printable}


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This week’s free printable combines some of my favorite elements into a printable perfect for girls young and old alike! Enjoy, friends!

ad be bold, be brave, be  you {free printable}  cts be bold, be brave, be  you {free printable}  fb be bold, be brave, be  you {free printable}

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etsy finds {alphabet prints}

It’s been a while (too long!) since I’ve done one of these posts, but Etsy is still one of my favorite sources for inspiration, community with other makers and great gifts. In today’s Etsy Finds post, I’m sharing some of my favorite creative and very lovely alphabet prints!

alphabet prints etsy etsy finds {alphabet prints}


clockwise from top: source | source | source | source | source | source | source

ad etsy finds {alphabet prints}  cts etsy finds {alphabet prints}  fb etsy finds {alphabet prints}

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felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

felt leaves glitter wreath 600x465 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}


If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know how much I love making felt wreaths (and here , here and here). I wanted to make an updated version using this beautiful turquoise felt I found at Hobby Lobby and decided to add some glam with some gold glitter. I love the effect, and think it’ll go beautifully with my holiday decor this year.

felt (I used 6 pieces for this wreath)
straw wreath (mine is 10″)
Mod Podge
hot glue

DSC 0033 600x499 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Step 1: Cut your leaf shapes out of your felt. I did this by first cutting my felt lengthwise into stripes about 1.5″ wide, then cutting the strips into pieces about 2.5″ wide, and then cutting those rectangles into leaf shapes. I used sharp scissors and was able to cut through several layers of felt at the same time to make it go a bit faster.

felt and glitter wreath felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Step 2: Time to start hot gluing! Pick a point on your wreath to begin, and, working around your wreath, layer your leaf shapes, making sure not to leave any part of your wreath form visible…

DSC 0039 3 600x400 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Step 3: Bring on the glitter! I chose just to add glitter to only one section of leaves, but you can glitter-ize as many as you’d like. I used a post-it note to protect the felt surrounding the leaf I was adding glitter to. I used a foam brush to add Mod Podge to the leaf, added some glitter, and then gently tapped the wreath to remove the excess.

DSC 0041 2 600x451 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Let dry, and you’re done. Wreaths are one of my favorite things to decorate with, and I’m so glad to have one more in my arsenal!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely Monday!

DSC 0047 2 600x465 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

ad felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}  cts felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}  fb felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

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