shabby flower pillow (a tutorial)

Sometimes, ideas in my head don’t always turn out as planned. And sometimes, they turn out better….

flower pillow tutorial by burlap+blue

flower pillow tutorial by burlap+blue

After running across Sweet Jessie’s Scalloped Garland tutorial a few months ago, I wanted to take the same technique and use it to make a shabby, fun, linen pillow. Here’s how I did it:

Supplies Needed:
fabric (I used linen)
sewing machine
zipper (if desired)

Step 1:
Create your “petals”. I’ll explain the technique briefly, you can refer to the tutorial linked above if you need additional help.
Cut out a half-circle template out of cardstock. Place on a double layer of fabric and cut. Take your two layers of fabric and stitch around the curve.

Step 2: Take sew petals and turn inside out. Press flat. Take petals and arrange your first layer on your pillow fabric.

Step 3: Stitch petals down to fabric. Repeat for second layer of petals.

Step 4: Continue creating petals and attaching them to pillow front. I did 5 layers total, and, for layers 2-4, I cut down my template and made the petals slightly smaller. I then cut down the template further for the fifth and final layer.

Step 5: Almost there! Now you are ready to create your flower’s center. I did this by taking small circles of fabric and folding them once (into a half circle) and again (folding them into a cone shape). Either hot glue or sew your petals shut. Take your petals and hot glue them into a circle onto a small piece of fabric. Once your outer circle is complete, continue layering and working into the center of the circle.

Step 6: Glue or stitch your flower’s center onto your pillow fabric. Lastly, sew your pillow together in the method of your choice!

flower pillow tutorial by burlap+blue

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  1. I love it! It’s fun when ideas in our heads come out even better than expected.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Linda – gorgeous! How generous of you AND what a beautiful pillow. Love the bird print behind it too!

  3. i absolutely love it! i may have to try one :)

  4. Love it! It’s beautiful! :) I know what I”m making next!

  5. That is absolutely lovely! I just may be adding that project to my list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. That is a gorgeous pillow. You have really outdone yourself!!! ~~Sherry~~

  7. Very beautiful and a touch of class… you made it very neatly … And your tute is so understandable… I am sure I can make one with the help of this tute…
    Happy spring time
    Hope you like to pay a visit to my new spring arrangement saved in a cloche

  8. I just L.O.V.E. this idea! Since I have some extra linen on hand, I’m going to give this a try this weekend! Thank you for the lovely tutorial!!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  9. What a lovely pillow! I love the shape of the petals and the fabric a lot!

  10. Love this, I saw one similar for sale the other day! This is one I have got to try, great instructions!

  11. That is gorgeous Linda! Swoon! Did you get my email about the giveaway schedule?
    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Beautiful pillow. Don’t you just love it when things turn out better than your vision.

  13. Very cute! I love it!

  14. Oh, I just passed up some linen in the remnant bin at Joann’s last night. I might need to go back and see if it’s still there!


  15. Just found your blog….Thanks for the tutorial.CUTE!

  16. Love this! And I have some linen pants that I hate and just was thinking today needed to be repurposed!

  17. forgot to say I’m coming from tt&j and your newest follower!

  18. Simply beautiful! I really love it! I like the finished edges, you did a great job!


  19. Your pillow is oh so pretty! I LOVE when an idea turns out better than envisioned! Nice work! :)

  20. Coming to you via TT & J. I can’t sew a lick but I adore the pillow and wish I had the patience to learn to sew just to make one of my own. Great job!

  21. Beautiful! Wish I had a sewing machine!

  22. Gorgeous! I did a post on my site a while back. I have been dying to make one!

  23. I found your blog post on the Weekend Wrap Up over at Tatertots and Jello. These are beautiful!!

  24. Wow, I love this! It is so cute. I would have never thought to use linen on it… I think it looks perfect. Thanks for sharing. I’m yournewest follower!

  25. I absolutely love this pillow. Saw similar ones in the Grandin Rd. catalog, but we are so broke at the moment… BUT! I have fabric and scraps upstairs! I think yours looks even better than theirs!

    I’m so freakin’ impressed.

  26. This is gorgeous! Over from TT&J.

  27. Amy @ Serving Pink LemonadeNo Gravatar says:

    Beautiful! I love this pillow. Thanks for the tutorial.

  28. Seriously in love with your pillow! I featured it over at You are one talented lady!

  29. Very, very pretty! Love it!

  30. Pure sweetness! I am totally going to make one!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Smiles!

  31. Love the flower pillow. Even my husband peeked over my shoulder and said “oohh i really like that flower pillow.” :)

    Love the blue and white fabric on the pillow in the background too. Can you tell me where you bought that?

  32. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it out!

  33. you are a genius! I LOVE THIS IDEA and I’m so going to try this when I learn to sew! I just bought a sewing machine, just need to take some classes! THANKS FOR SHARING.

  34. Stunning! ! ♥

  35. annette clarkNo Gravatar says:

    I am definately going to have a go at those cushions for my new house …too busy right now organising the building but i have it earmarked to do…thank you for the tutorial… and i love the linen by the way…

  36. thanks for the tutorial. so nice pillow, must to try.

  37. So beautiful! I’ll be featuring it today :)!

  38. I tried this as my first sewing project and had so much fun. I made two of these for my Mom and she simply loved them!!! :) I just changed the design a bit and added stuffing to all the petals to give it a more 3d look and I did it in bright orange! See my mine here.

  39. it looks like a million bucks love it , i will definitly be making one for my house

  40. fantastic idea i must try this!

  41. Hola, gracias por compartir el tutorial de este hermoso cojín. Saludos desde México.

  42. Amy FarleyNo Gravatar says:

    It’s beautifully elegant. I want to make one for my bed. How much fabric did you use for the pillow????

  43. Beautiful!!!! Thank You!!!

  44. I saw a similar pillow at our local Living Quarters but the colors didnt strike me fancy. I’m so glad i found your tutorial – its so easy to follow . thank you so much for posting :)

  45. gorgeous

  46. my best compliments for you creations…
    and excuse for my English but I am Italian…


  47. Gloria Branch says:

    I Love it i will.make it tomorroe

  48. very beautiful thank from Venice Italy

  49. Great tutorial! You’ve been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

    We hand select only the best free tutorials and patterns for the home sewist.

    Grab a brag button!

  50. How do you determine the size of the half circle?
    The link to Sweet Jessie’s is by invite only, so I could not see the garland.
    thank you for your how-to on the pillow, great pillow for a gift.


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