glass jar lamp (a semi-tutorial)

While in TJ Maxx the other day, I came across some plain glass jars, with pretty seagrass-ish lids. Not knowing what I’d do with them, I left. And, like I do on so many other occasions, I was back in less than a day. I came home with two of these coastal-inspired pretties….

….and a plan to turn one into a lamp. A day later, I had this….

And, true to form, a day later, after flipping through the new Country Living and being inspired by a glass lamp filled with book pages, I had something different still….

(the white lampshade was bothering me, too)

In short, I LOVE it. I’m all about options in home decorating and my mind is already filled with fun stuff to fill it with. Best of all, it was easy to make.  I’m not going to go through the entire lamp-wiring process (don’t want be responsible for anyone’s house burning down and such), but if you plan on doing something similiar, I’ll give you a couple of quick pointers….

1) Since you will need to drill a hole through the jar top, and you would preferably like to do this without unravelling the whole top, fill the top with a clear adhesive and let dry overnight.

This will allow you to drill a clean hole without any unravelling. Very important.

2) The lamp kit you buy will probably come with an unattractive, brown cord. For around $5 you can purchase a clear or white cord to replace it with (totally worth it in my opinion!)

What would you fill your glass jar lamp with?

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  1. That first lamp is absolutely gorgeous! Simply beautiful! I’ve been wanting to tackle a DYI lamp for quite some time. In all honesty, the whole ‘wiring’ intimidates me.

    I think a glass jar filled with buttons would make a fantastic child’s lamp. Or a fantastic office lamp if it were color-specific buttons, hmmmm….

  2. I have one made of large blue mason jar love it as I love yours as well

  3. Very clever! I love your idea of filling your first lamp with decorative balls. It would also be cute with sea glass or marbles. It’s fun that the options are endless!

  4. What a great idea. I think a pinecone-filled lamp would look awesome. Saw you on TT&J.

  5. Gorgeous! This is a fabulous idea! and you can change it seasonally if you’d like! bonus! <3

  6. I’m seriously loving the Country Living book page filling! Love that you made a lamp out of that jar, it looks great, and love the burlap on the shade. Thanks for sharing at Between Naps.

  7. Love those jars! Great find! You could fill with seashells, driftwood, starfish — my ideas all seem to center around a beach! :) Or how about old wooden thread spools??