home inspiration-cape cod summer home

I ran across this home tour via Traditional Home, and just had to share with you all…

Living with Lindsay did a great post last week on Defining Your Style, and while this home isn’t what I’m usually drawn to, there are definitely elements of it that attract me.
As far as my own approach to defining my style goes, I think it’s important to figure out what I am drawn to about it (use of neutrals and lots of texture, perhaps?) and try to incorporate those elements into my own home.

What do you do to help you define your style?



  1. I subscribe to blogs, read many magazines, surf the web and like you, try to figure out what ‘draws’ me to certain rooms, design and products.
    In this post, I love the color combinations. There are neutral schemes with splashes of color brought in. The blue and yellow of the one sitting area (?) is beautiful!