friday favorites


Just a few of my favorite things on this Friday…

this hoop (have I really not shared this here yet?) created with this tutorial via Little Pink House
quiet moments with a book and a mug of something hot
chats with real, tell-anything-to friends, and, on that topic…
Emily’s (in)courage post on authenticity
Glee! (where have I been? this show rocks)
pulling out the paints or pencils and making art
doing the above alongside my two year old

So there it is. What’s on your favorites list this Friday?



  1. gorgeous …. !

  2. Ahhhh….Friday Favorites… daily favorites……

    ~Furbabies snugglin’
    ~Kitty-cat purrs
    ~Hubby hugs
    ~Grand babies visitin’
    ~Craft days with friends
    ~Hot, steamy cup of coffee

    That’s my short list…… :)

  3. You’ll be having more fun than I will – I have my tax appointment today! Aarghhh…,