typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}

{this is a repost from last year-enjoy!}
 DSC04860 1024x768 typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}

I love these typography heart ornaments! Use them as ornaments, gift toppers, or just display them in a pretty bowl (or maybe on a pretty pedestal?) for easy holiday decorating.

white cotton fabric
stamps and ink
embroidery thread and needle
poly fiber-fill to stuff
Step 1: Make a template for your hearts, and cut these out of felt. They can be any size you desire, mine are about 4″ wide at the widest point. Then, using alphabet stamps (or even your own handwriting!), stamp out your words onto cotton fabric (I used Kona Cotton). Some suggestions? Noel, Merry, Bright, Angel, Celebrate, Joy, Peace, Hope…or, if using as gift toppers, stamp out the recipients and the date. Wouldn’t that make a fun keepsake? Cut these out as well.
DSC04838 1024x768 typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}
Step 3: Using your sewing machine (fabric glue will work if you don’t sew), take each word, and sew it onto a felt heart. I used red thread because it contrasted nicely with the white (oh who am I kidding? It was what was still on my machine after sewing my son’s Halloween costume together–but, you have to admit, it does look good with the white (smiles)).
DSC04844 1024x768 typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}
Step 3: Now you should have your words sewn into half of your hearts. Take the other half of your hearts, fold a length of jute twine in half, and sew it onto the inside of the heart.
DSC04841 1024x768 typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}

Step 4: Take two of your felt hearts (one with a word on it, and one with the twine sew in), and start to sew a running stitch, leaving a gap for stuffing. Never done any embroidery or hand sewing before? Not a problem, there are many, many tutorials out there. Basically, you just pass the needle in and out of the fabric, making the surface stitches of equal length. For your first stitch, make sure to come up in between the two pieces of felt to hide the knot.

DSC04845 1024x768 typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}
After stitching most of the way around the heart, stuff your heart, and stitch it closed, tying your knot on the backside of your heart.
DSC04848 1024x768 typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}
DSC04866 768x1024 typography heart ornaments {a tutorial}
And you’re done!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. SOoooo love these!! How precious!!!

    ~ Jillian