Not-So Cookie Cutter Cookie Cutters {a sponsored post by california closets}

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{this is a sponsored post written by california closets}

It was my close friend Sally’s son’s birthday last week, and I was in a pinch to find the appropriate gesture of appreciation for marine life – in baked sugary form. The now 6-year-old Sam’s party was taking place at the aquarium so the birthday was deep sea themed. Cinnamon sugar cookies (Sam’s favorite) shaped as sea animals were the clear choice for my contribution to the party fare. The problem was that I couldn’t find any stores that sold cookie cutters that were shaped to ocean life.

Lucky for me, Sally had recently redesigned Sam’s whole room to reflect his
newfound infatuation with the ocean and its inhabitants. She had put in new shelving, a new bed, revamped the whole closet design with new closet organizers, and new lighting fixtures as well. His room looked beautiful, and with the use of a variety of sea animal shaped stencils, she managed to create a whole underwater scene around the walls of Sam’s bedroom – a child’s bedroom turned Atlantis. Anyway, I realized the only way I could get my whale and shark shaped cookies looking like perfect little angel[fish]s (and save some [sand]dollars while I was at it!) was by getting inventive: I borrowed the stencils Sally used on Sam’s walls to make the quick and easy ocean party cookies. It was easy to use a toothpick to trace the edges
of the wall stencils through the sugar cookie dough rolled flat. I then used a variety of blue, green, and gray frosting to give the cookies the perfect aquamarine feel. The deep-sea cookies were a definite hit, and the kids devoured them faster than whales devour plankton.

What a great way to get creative with your baking! Thanks, California Closets, for stopping by!