glitter chalkboard labels {a tutorial}

chalkboard labels

If you’re anything like me, you are always on the lookout for easy and creative ways to gussy up your gifts. When I ran across these scalloped, chalkboard tags at the craft store the other day, I immediately fell in love, and knew that the addition of some gold glitter would take them to a whole new level of fabulousness. The how-to is so simple, anyone can make these. Let’s get started…

wooden, chalkboard gift tags
Mod Podge
painters tape

foam brush

Step 1: If you can’t find chalkboard tags, just take plain wooden tags and coat them with chalkboard spray paint. First, take your tags and prime them-this is a must before writing on any chalkboard surface. Just take a piece of chalk, and rub the side of it onto your tag. Erase with a paper towel or sponge, and your chalkboard surface is ready!

chalk labels 01

Step 2: Take painters tape and mark off the area where you want to add the glitter. Apply a coat of Mod Podge, and add your glitter.

chalk labels 02

Step 3: Remove the tape, let dry, and you’re done!

chalk labels 03

Glitter really does make everything better, doesn’t it?




  1. Very cute! I do craft camps in the summer and we make name tags on the first day–this is a fun variation for what I’ve been doing. And yes! Glitter makes everything better! :)