be bold, be brave, be you {free printable}

be bold frame

Combining glitter dots + chalkboard is one of my new favorite things. Perfect for a nursery, shower decor or baby gift, this free printable is one of my favorites! Click here to download and enjoy!


fabric scrap ideas

fabric scrap tutorials

 Hello, friends! Today, I’m sharing with you lots of fun and creative ways to use something most of have lying around our crafting spaces-fabric scraps! Fabric scraps are so versatile-think twice before tossing them after your next fabric project!

party and home decor

cupcake flag toppers from whip up

scrap map from sew kate sew

fabric scrap wreath from linda made

easy knotted garland from burlap+blue

fall pillow at cluck cluck sew

coasters from the sometimes crafter

fabric flower collage from hey now, whoa now

conversation love hearts from red bird crafts

wire wrapped “hello” from a cuppa and a catch up

fabric garden markers from design sponge

decorative thumbtacks from how about orange

accessories and gift ideas

no-sew flowers from made

fabric mini-purse from thimbleanna

scrap flower necklaces from smaller

flower hairpins from craftstylish

pincushion from bhg

pop garden flower tutorial from heather bailey

diy bobby pins from just call me chris

mug rug from stitches and scissors

burp cloths from piece n quilt

coin purse from the purl bee

patchwork kindle case from the sometimes crafter

gift tags from creature comforts

fabric headbands from button bird designs

pleated headbands from craftiness is not optional

ticker tape clutch at living with punks

embellished gift bags at miss lovie

beaded bracelet at simple simon & co

scrap skirt at living with punks

matching game at prudent baby


10 quotes to inspire your creative journey

No matter what your creative journey involves, whether you write, create things, or are involved in dramatic arts, it’s always encouraging to know that others have been there before you and have words of wisdom that you can apply to your own situation. Today, I’m sharing 10 of my favorite quotes to inspire your creative journey, along with helpful links if you want to delve a little deeper.


This Seth Godin quote, from The Art of Simple, sums up creativity quite neatly. Fear of failure and creativity go remarkably hand in hand. This article from The Creativity Workshop sums it up better than I ever could.


There are many ways to know if you are on the right path creatively (and making money doing your art shouldn’t be your main guidepost), and this Lovely Ink piece throws light on the most important: doing what you love. Not sure where your passions lie? This article from entrepreneur may help.

creativity quote

This quote can be summed up in two words: “get started.” It can be scary to start something new, and you may not feel ready, but, chances are, you never will. The best way to begin is just to simply begin. It’s time to overcome our fear and start something new.


Everything you do either brings your closer to, or takes you further from your goals. Not sure where to start? Here are 9 everyday habits that you can begin to cultivate to move you further in the right direction.


I find this so encouraging. Your voice is uniquely your own and no one can replace that.  Having trouble finding your creative voice? Here are 5 guidepoints to consider…


Roosevelt says it best…creativity really does make you happier (like we needed proof for that)!


I really love this quote. Instead of overthinking our creativity, it’s so important to just create. In other words, do it for the process.


Like any muscle, the creative muscle needs to be worked to get stronger. Unstuck shares these tips in their awesome tip card, and if you need more help, lifehacker comes to the rescue.


I hope this is as encouraging to you as it is to me. Truly, nothing is original and everything has already been done. This doesn’t mean it’s okay to steal ideas and call them our own. It just means that it’s our job to find something that inspires us, and take it to the next level. Recreate it, mold it, and make it your own. There’s a whole book about this that I highly recommend.  This is worth taking a peek at, also.


The message here is similar to another I posted earlier, but it bears repeating: Just Start. Start small if you’d like, but just start. All big things start with small things, and that is good to remember.

So tell me, what have I left out? What is your favorite quote to inspire your creative journey?