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Good Morning, Lovelies! Today, I wanted to share some new art prints I’ve listed recently in paper+palette. I’ve been having a ball creating these; the possibilities are just endless and it’s so fun to be able to be creative in a totally different way than with my other shop, burlap+blue. If you see something you like, feel free to “heart” it in Etsy, or pin for later!

il 570xN 591305497 5rwm new in shop {paper+palette}run wild, my child print

il 570xN 591304871 78qw new in shop {paper+palette}

talk to the moon print

il 570xN 590793383 3xeb new in shop {paper+palette}

love and laugh abundantly print

il 570xN 580262663 ig3t new in shop {paper+palette}

love, laughter and happily ever after print

il 570xN 578478876 5yar new in shop {paper+palette}

watercolor print

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hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}

hexagon washer 8 bb hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}

Hello, hello! Today, I’m sharing a fun ways to upgrade some of the most-used, hardest-working appliances in your home–your washer and dryer! The laundry room is a veritable workhouse as far as your home goes, isn’t it time to pretty it up and show it some love? And these hexagon decals are not only fun and on-trend, but you can customize their colors to match your space! Let’s get started with the how-to…

Step 1: All you need for this project are these decals from Belvedere Designs and some painters tape. Here’s what my decals looked like when they arrived…

hexagon washer 1 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}

Gather your supplies, and get ready to begin….

Step 1: Take your decals and cut out each hexagon. Using the painters tape, tape each hexagon to your washer and dryer, rearranging your shapes until you are happy with the design. You’ll have to step back from your design every now and then to make sure each hexagon is straight and level. Once you are satisfied with the design, it’s time to start applying the decals.

hexagon washer 2 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}
Step 2: Now it’s time for the fun part! Take your first hexagon, and, using the tape as a hinge, flip up decal and peel off backing. Lay decal back down carefully and starting from the center, squeegee the vinyl decal firmly. Next, carefully peel back the transfer tape. To do this, start at a corner and peel the transfer tape off at a 180 degree angle-back and down rather than up and away. If necessary, use your fingers to press down on the hexagon as you peel back the tape.

hexagon washer 31 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}
Repeat for the rest of your hexagons.

hexagon washer 8 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial} hexagon washer 6 462x600 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial} hexagon washer 7 400x600 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}

And that’s it!

I also took some slightly larger hexagons and created a fun pattern on my laundry room wall! Using the same process as with the washer and dryer, just cut out your shapes, tape to the wall…

hexagon wall hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}
…and apply your decals!

hexagon wall 2 371x600 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}
DSC 0003 2 492x600 hexagon washer and dryer {a tutorial}

Please forgive the lighting…even with new fancy-schmancy daylight bulbs installed, it still was a trial getting decent pictures in this room. Ugh.

But wait! Is that polka dots you see? I had so much fun adding some life to this space, that I couldn’t stop at just one redo:) I’ll share the polka dots with you all next week!

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free printables {get happy}

Happy Monday! I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time this weekend creating some new prints for paper+palette, and while I was at it, I created a couple of printables to share here as well. Both of these prints combine some of my favorite things; the combination of the gold confetti, fun fonts, and cheery “happy” quotes make these some of my favorite printables to date. Enjoy!

happy2 free printables {get happy}
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happy1 free printables {get happy}
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