ornament advent calendar

advent calendar idea
One of my favorite holiday traditions is our advent calendar. I enjoy creating it, and my kids definitely enjoy running to it each morning and finding their treat/activity. Last year, we did a puzzle advent calendar, where each day’s bag contained several pieces to put together, culminating in a completed puzzle, of course, on Christmas Day. We’ve done a matchbook advent calendar and a couple of years of garland-style, glassine bag countdowns filled with treats.

advent calendar

This year, due to a lack of empty wall space, I wanted something a little more compact. I found a vintage hanger, took kraft bags, twine, small treats and mini ornaments, and put them all together to create this year’s version.

advent calendar

I started by opening my hanger and tying three long pieces of jute twine to the top.

hanger advent calendar

I stamped my bags, filled them with small treats and used mini clothespins to hang them on the twine. I added a mini ornament for the kids to place on the tree each day.

advent calendar

advent calendar

It couldn’t have been easier, and I know the kids will have a blast with it!

kids advent

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mod podged glass container {a tutorial}

glass jar decorating


There’s just something special about gifting (and receiving) baked goods for the holidays. It’s a thoughtful gift that is practically guaranteed to put a smile on the face (and belly!) of the recipient. And when you add a touch of creativity to an otherwise plain-jane container, it takes a great gift to the next level…

glass container decor

Step 1: I wanted to add a creative and fun touch to my container, and what better way than to Mod Podge the recipe I used onto the outside? And because I know you’ll want to know, I used this Softbatch Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from Averie Cooks. They are so very delicious, and everyone who tries one agrees! Just print out your recipe onto plain paper, and mod podge onto the outside of your container. Let dry, and seal with two coats of Mod Podge.

mod podged container

Step 2: While waiting for the container to dry, I traced my lid, cut out the paper, and mod podged the paper onto the lid and sealed with two coats of Mod Podge.

mod podged container

Step 3: To add a bit of interest to the outside of the container, I wrapped it with sewing thread and secured each end to the back of the container with Mod Podge. For my second glass container, I wrapped it with twine, mod podged a holiday embellishment to the front, and mod podged a paper doily to the lid.

glass container decor

And that’s it! A simple and festive container that your recipient will love (almost as much as they’ll love what’s inside)!

glass container decorating


diy glitter ornaments {a tutorial}

glitter ornaments diy 1

I can’t say enough good things about these glitter ornaments. They are great for neighbor/teacher gifts, gift toppers, or to sell at holiday craft fairs! I chose gold glitter, but you could have so much fun choosing different colors (and even mixing different colors on the same ornament)!

Mod Podge Gloss
Clear Glass Ornaments
Glitter (I used gold extra fine glitter)
Round Foam Brush and/or Paintbrush

glitter ornaments diy 2
Step 1: First, you’ll want to take your Mod Podge, pour a little bit onto a piece of parchment paper or foil, and create your design on your ornament. I did simple dots, as well as free-form lines. Just don’t let this step take too long–Mod Podge dries fast!

glitter ornaments diy 3
Step 2: Gently sprinkle your glitter all over the mod podged parts of your ornament. Let dry.

glitter ornaments diy 4
Step 3: Once dry, use a dry foam brush to gently remove the excess glitter. You may have to go back and touch up some spots (I know I did!) Once completely dry, tie a pretty piece of twine or ribbon on end (if desired), and then make about a hundred more–these are so fun to create and gift, it’s hard to stop at just a few :)

glitter ornaments diy 1

glitter ornaments diy 5
Have a lovely day!