cube photo holder {a tutorial}

cube photo holder diy


cube photo holder diy 2

Happy Monday, all! With Easter and Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to share a simple and meaningful gift idea you can easily make for your loved ones. This DIY cube photo holder is the perfect gift, and you probably have most of the supplies on hand already!

Mod Podge Gloss
Square Block (I know Hobby Lobby has some)
Photos or Scrapbook Paper
Foam Brush
Wooden Dowel
Washi Tape

photo holder

Step 1: Sand your block, if needed. My blog is 1.5″ cube, but any size will do. Decide if you want to decorate the sides with pictures, scrapbook paper, or even just paint. I used Photoshop Elements to reduce pictures to 1.5″ square to use for my blocks, and you can use any photo editor to do this. If you’d rather not use photos, I think colorful scrapbook paper would be adorable, too. Mod podge your photos/paper to the sides of your block and let dry.

mod podged photo holder

Step 2: Once dry, layer with two additional coats of Mod Podge Gloss, letting it dry fully between coats.

photo holder diy

Step 3: Cut your dowel to the desired length (I cut mine in half), and drill a hole, the size of the dowel, into your block.

diy photo holder

Step 4: For added color and pattern, use a length of washi tape to wrap around your dowel. Hot glue your clothespin to your dowel, and insert a drop of glue into the drilled hole in your cube and insert your dowel.

mod podged photo holder

And that’s it! So simple and cute, yet meaningful. Include a couple of photos to make the gift extra special.

mothers day gift

Have a lovely day!


diy glittered shoes {a tutorial}

mod podged shoes burlap blue

My WORD, y’all . . . this is one of those DIYs that turned out so much cuter than I could have imagined, and it was SO easy to boot. Simple canvas mary janes + glitter + Mod Podge is all you need for this darling DIY. Let’s get started, shall we?

mod podged shoes 2
Mod Podge Gloss
canvas shoes (I found these mary janes from Hobby Lobby (on sale, too!)
glitter (I used gold and pink, extra fine glitter)
round foam brush
painters tape

mod podged shoes 3
Step 1: First, you’ll want to glitter the straps of the shoes. Add a thin layer of Mod Podge to one of your straps, and sprinkle liberally with glitter. Tap to remove excess. Repeat with your other shoe.

mod podge shoes 4
Step 2: Tape off the sides of the shoe, so that when you use your foam brush to add Mod Podge to the side of your shoe, you’ll get a scallop shape once tape is removed.

mod podge shoes 4
Step 3: Use your round foam brush to dot Mod Podge around the perimeter of your shoe. Sprinkle with glitter, and then remove the tape.

mod podge shoes 5

Step 4: Let dry, and tap off excess glitter. Find a cute little model to wear your new creations and you’re done!

mod podge


diy bubble valentine {a printable}


Y’all. It’s barely February, and I have my five-year-old’s class valentines DONE. Be impressed, me being this on-top-of-things doesn’t happen very often. And the best part  is that I can now share my how-to (and printable) with you all!

bubble sticks (24 for $3 at Target)
printable sheet (see below)
scrapbook paper
washi tape

diy valentines



I was able to get 4 of the tags onto an 8×10 piece of cardstock. Just click below to download, print, and cut!


click here to download

Step 1: Gather your supplies. I cut the printables into rectangles, and then cut out scrapbook paper rectangles half an inch larger.

bubble valentine

Step 2: Using double-sided tape, attach the printable rectangle onto a scrapbook paper rectangle. Tape down your bubble stick using washi tape.

diy valentine

And that’s it!


Couldn’t. Be. Easier.

Thanks for reading!