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I don’t know about you, but when I find a trend that I like, it tends to color (literally and figuratively) every aspect of my life. For example, it’s taken everything I have not to paint every single wall in my home a pretty light gray shade and accent it with lots of white, navy and Kelly green. And the recent obsession with gold? Yep, it’s hit here too. Now, everything nickel seems outdated, and gold seems fun, elegant, and eclectic all at once. And in my shop, it’s more of the same…blues and golds are working and playing well together and I can’t get enough!

All that is to say…if you love the blue+gold trend like I do, you’ll adore my newest products. Let me know what you think! And if you see anything you like, they’re all available in my shop!
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canvas 1 new in shop
canvas 2 new in shop
canvas 3 new in shop

Ahhh….so pretty and soothing, am I right? What color trends/combinations are YOU smitten with lately?

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shop sale + spring sponsor giveaway {call for vendors}

It’s a New Year, so it’s time to spruce up the shop! To make room for some newbies to the burlap+blue family, we’re having a sale! Take 35% off entire shop with code NEWYEAR. Look at some of the pretties to be had…and Mother’s Day will be here before you know it (thankfully! I’m ready for some warmer weather)!

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Also, every year we host one (sometimes two, when I’m extra on top of things), huge, don’t-want-to-miss-it giveaway! Here’s an example from last Fall. If you have a handmade shop or small business and want to take part this year, email me for details at contactburlapandblue(at)gmail(dot)com. It’s being planned now for early Spring and I’m already getting excited about it!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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great giftables {in the shop!}

Hello, friends! Hope everyone’s having a great holiday season! I, for one, LOVE this time of year…the lights, the gift buying, the decorating, the wrapping, and it’s even more magical with a four-year-old (and, of course, his 7 month old sister) to share it all with. We’re still working on sending out our Christmas cards, but I had to share one of the pictures I almost considered using for it…the lighting’s a bit off, but these cuties make up for it.

DSC 0034 2 edited 1 copy great giftables {in the shop!}
And remember when she was underweight and had us all worried? Nope, neither do I. Also? There’s something about those little knuckle dimples on a baby that I just adore…anyone else?? Seriously scrumptious.

Now back to business! I have a few newbies in the shop that I wanted to share with you all…including this faux mercury glass pedestal–it’s it fabulous? Very chic and glam…

il 570xN 535419973 ilrx great giftables {in the shop!}
And my Chalkboard Ornaments are finally {finally!} back in the shop…pick them up here….

il 570xN 534734560 bigm great giftables {in the shop!}

I can’t do a post on great gifts, though, without including my two bestsellers…my Personalized Matching Game, and Red Bird Pedestal!

il 570xN 406636482 80ek great giftables {in the shop!} il 570xN 393166374 4lpm great giftables {in the shop!}

How are y’all coming along with your gift-giving list? I’m almost done this year…though, the only reason is that I like to have the gifts all wrapped and pretty and under the tree to enjoy as long as possible. I’ll try to post pics soon!

Thanks for reading!

ad great giftables {in the shop!}  cts great giftables {in the shop!}  fb great giftables {in the shop!}