easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

easy painted canvas 600x399 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

I have a thing for painting canvases; and when I tire of one, I just pull it down and paint over it. That’s what happened with this pretty blue piece. I love the colors (obviously), but I also love the abstract, whatever-goes nature of it.

painted canvas 600x399 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

All you need for this DIY is a canvas (mine is 16×24, I think), some craft paint, and a foam brush. Start off by placing dime-sized drops of paint onto your canvas-it may be hard to see, but there are 15 globs of paint here, all in the same color family (only use colors that will work well together when mixed).

DSC 0046 600x475 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


Now take your foam brush and drag it through the paint vertically, making sure your canvas is evenly covered.

DSC 0047 2 600x464 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Take your brush and make large V-shapes all over your canvas, giving it a bit of texture and pattern. It’s hard to explain, but hopefully you get the idea from the image below. It’s hard to go wrong with this step, you just want to move the paint around until you get a design you’re happy with.

DSC 0048 600x480 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


You’ll probably find that you’ll want more of a certain color, so feel free to add more when you see fit. I added more navy and kelly green, because I felt the turquoise/aqua shades were a bit over powering. Once you’re happy with your piece, let your canvas dry. Lastly, I added some white in places to add contrast and give the eye a place to rest (don’t add the white until it’s dry, or else the white will mix with the other colors).

DSC 0049 2 600x388 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


And that’s it!





DSC 0051 600x400 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


easy painted canvas 2 copy 600x483 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


I love the look of these blues/greens combined, and I especially love how easy and fast this was to put together.

Thanks for reading!

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picture rail wall {updated!}

updated picture rail 600x400 picture rail wall {updated!}

A few years ago, we decided to put up a long picture rail on our large family room wall.  Just last weekend, I decided to update it! I switched out all of the burlap ribbon with black grosgrain ribbon, switched out some photos/art, and added a couple small accents.

DSC 0053 600x394 picture rail wall {updated!}

DSC 0055 339x600 picture rail wall {updated!}
I think the contrast from the black ribbon/white frames adds a nice contrast, and I really like the visual of adding multiple items to a single hook.

DSC 0056 600x421 picture rail wall {updated!}

DSC 0058 600x399 picture rail wall {updated!}

I’ll have a tutorial for the canvas art next week–it’s one of my favorite parts of this “new” wall!

Thanks for reading!

ad picture rail wall {updated!}  cts picture rail wall {updated!}  fb picture rail wall {updated!}

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bedroom gallery wall

bedroom gallery wall 600x386 bedroom gallery wall

You guys…you all have no idea how long this wall in the bedroom has been “in progress.” And I’m so glad to have it done.

bedroom gallery wall 4 600x410 bedroom gallery wall

bedroom gallery wall 5 600x449 bedroom gallery wall

You can see more pictures of our bedroom on my Home Tour page; but, today, it’s this wall that I want to show off.

I’ve been asked about how I plan out a gallery wall layout…and this is it:


DSC 0030 600x327 bedroom gallery wall

It’s nothing more complicated than laying it out on the floor and moving it around until I’m  happy with it. If you’re curious as to how I hang plates and such on the wall (the ones that come without hangers, at least), check out this post (you’ll also see pics of another finished wall in this room-woo hoo!)

I love the combination of the gold, sea greens, white, and light blue. The mirrors are from Target, and you can find the tutorial for the Sharpie picture frame mats here.

bedroom gallery wall 3 600x388 bedroom gallery wall

bedroom gallery wall 2 600x421 bedroom gallery wall

The pictures in the frames are just simple watercolors I created the other day. The “thankful” plate is nothing more than gold Sharpie on a white plate, and the floral mini-canvas can be found in paper+palette.

Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on the floral canvas…and a giveaway!

What was the last home project that you were glad to check off your list?

ad bedroom gallery wall   cts bedroom gallery wall   fb bedroom gallery wall

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