stenciled china cabinet in celebrating everyday life

I love it when I can be a part of something truly inspiring, so when Jennifer from Celebrating Everyday Life contacted me to let me know that my Stenciled China Cabinet makeover was being featured in her latest issue, I was both honored and thrilled in fairly equal measure. Take a look at this gorgeous cover…

MarApr2014LgCover stenciled china cabinet in celebrating everyday life

This issue is  all about welcoming Spring into your home. Recipes, crafts, home tours and more are shared-all beautifully photographed and endlessly inspiring.

And, oh yeah, if you turn to page 92, you’ll see this….

china cabinet stenciled china cabinet in celebrating everyday life
My Kmart china cabinet turned into so much more in less than a day. Le sigh…all DIY projects should be this satisfying.

Click here to be taken to the site to see a preview of the issue, and, if you’d like, you can purchase a copy for yourself!

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pantone’s color of the year-2014

Alright, all…this is seriously one of the highlights of December for me…Pantone has chosen it’s Color of the Year for 2014! Drumroll, please…

52a09660697ab077260057aa  w 540 s fit  pantones color of the year 2014It’s Radiant Orchid, y’all! From their press page:

“While the 2013 color of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination”

How do you guys feel about their choice? Personally, I rarely ever use purples in my decorating, so I’m very curious to see if this will change. I’m always a bit fascinated by color trends….remember when brown was the go-to neutral instead of gray? Or when lighter, muted colors (think robins egg and sage green) were the in-colors, and usually paired with brown? I am enjoying this trend towards the bolder and more unexpected, though!

Can’t wait to see how the design world embraces this pick!!


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How to Choose the Right Door for Your Home

unnamed e1385132208502 How to Choose the Right Door for Your Home

If you’re looking to update the entry to your home, you may be finding it difficult to choose which design to go for. There are thousands out there, and of course, you want to choose the one that works well with your exterior, so that your front door works to compliment the rest of the house, and fits with the overall style. Also, there are obviously other things to consider, such as safety measures, durability, quality and efficiency when keeping heat in.

We’ve hunted around the web to find some of the best tips and tricks out there to help your new door make a lasting first impression, for all the right reasons.

after front door 1109 de How to Choose the Right Door for Your Homeimage via country living


The style of your house (and possibly the surrounding ones) will have a large impact on the front door that you choose. For example, if you have a traditional, period property, a modern, white UPVC door may not compliment it very well. As well as looking unattractive and a little odd, it may also decrease your property’s value, which you will want to avoid for numerous reasons. Research doors from Anglian Home, and other reputable companies, that not only offer a range of doors for different home styles, but also offer experienced professionals, who can give you advice with no obligation. Places like Home Depot and even Houzz are great to add to your list as you’re researching and choosing a new front door.

renovations 9 300 How to Choose the Right Door for Your Homeimage via real simple


The thousands of door manufacturers out there will boast a variety of materials in which they can make your dream door, and it’s essential that you select the best one for your property. This is not only in terms of style, as mentioned above, but also when considering security aspects and insulation abilities. It may be a good idea to take your home’s location into consideration when choosing the material of your door, as certain climates can weather different materials more quickly than others. If in an area with frequent heavy wind and rain, you will no doubt require a more hardwearing material, and may want to avoid more flimsy types, such as wood. Also, if you live in a secluded area, you may be likely to feel a bit more vulnerable, and will want your door to feel extra secure. The same goes for if you live in a densely urban area, so make sure you learn about the safety features of your selected door. Consider spy holes and safety chains if you require further reassurance, too.

12 fulk frontdoor 0708 xlg 64746823 How to Choose the Right Door for Your Homeimage via house beautiful


Are you certain that your chosen manufacturer can guarantee the best resources possible for your venture, executed by certified professionals? Familiarize yourself with the company’s policies regarding guarantees and insurance, should there be any problems along the way. Deciding on a good manufacturer will be extremely beneficial to you, even if your desired door costs a little more than its competitors, as you should view your front door as an investment that a lot of time, effort and money should be put into. With a good quality door, you’ll save lots of money on your utility bills, and it won’t need to be replaced for a very long time, which will save you money in that respect, too.

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