how to create a gold foil effect {a tutorial}


how to get foil effect

If I had to choose the one question I get asked the most, in regards to my blog/Etsy shop, it’s this: “how do you get that faux gold effect in your prints/graphics?”

Honestly, it’s easy, so today, I’m sharing with you how to create a faux gold foil effect in Photoshop!

I’m actually going to use Photoshop Elements for this, but the technique should apply no matter what version of Photoshop or Elements you have.

To do this, you’ll need gold foil digital paper, Photoshop, and some text that you would like to add the foil effect to. Let’s get started!

In Photoshop, open your gold foil digital paper, and create the text you’d like to foil. Here’s a screenshot of Elements program…

gold foil in photoshop elements


Drag your gold digital paper onto the words you would like to foil…

how to get gold foil photoshop


Make sure your gold foil is covering your words completely.

Now, you’ll want to pay attention to the order of your layers. Take a look below at the two layers. Notice how the text layer is above the gold foil layer (which is why you can see the words). Now, switch them. Drag the gold layer so that it’s above the text layer…

gold foil in photoshop


Like so…

Notice that the gold layer is above the text layer (which is why you can no longer see the text, just the foil).

gold foil


Now, it’s just a matter of combining them.

It’s easier to tell you than to show you this step. What you’ll want to do is hold down the ALT key with your left hand, and take your mouse and place it in between the gold layer and the text layer.

gold foil in photoshop

Once you do that, just click the mouse, and let the magic happen…

gold foil effect

And you’re done! I can’t promise this’ll work for every version of Photoshop out there, but hopefully it’ll work for you and you’ll be able to add a bit of glam to your own graphics and prints.

Thanks for reading!


make a custom photo planter {a tutorial}

mothers day gift

Spring is in full swing, so I wanted to celebrate by creating a keepsake that’s perfect for gifts, or just to display in your own home! This decoupage photo planter fits the bill, and is easy to create to boot. Let’s get started…


  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Photos
  • Foam Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Planter
  • Plant

mothers day gift

Step 1: I started by spray painting my planter white, but this is completely optional! To get your photos, use Photoshop or another photo editing software (I know most can do this!), to take your images and resize them. From just under the rim of my planter to the bottom was approximately 3″. I wanted to make two rows of photos, so I sized my photos 1.5″ tall by 1″ wide. I resized 20 photos, and also converted them to black and white (also optional). Print out your photos onto glossy paper.

mod podge crafts

Step 2: Cut out your photos, and mod podge them onto your planter. This took a few minutes, so you may want to do this in front of an episode of your favorite show (I mod podged to Parenthood and the time flew by!)

photo planter

Halfway there!

planter diy

Step 3: Once your photos are mod podged down, let dry, and seal with three thin coats of Mod Podge, being sure to let each coat dry fully before applying the next. Use Mod Podge or hot glue to affix a length of ribbon around the rim of your planter.

mod podge planter

Step 4: For a finishing touch, add bow to your planter! Take a length of ribbon and hot glue the two ends together (first  picture below). Press the middle of the ribbon together in the center, and attach with another drop of glue (second picture). Take a smaller length of ribbon, wrap it around the middle, hot glue it in place, and then take your finished bow and attach it to your planter.

planter diy

And that’s it! Add a plant, give a gift, and make someone’s day!

mod podged planter burlap and blue


felt bow garland {a tutorial}

felt bow garland by burlap+blue

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Sharing a repost from (hard to believe) THREE years ago. Where does the time go? Enjoy!

First, gather your felt, scissors, hot glue, embroidery floss and some cardstock to create your template. I made my template business card size (maybe a tad longer), but create yours however you like.

(See the magazine peeking out in the corner of the photo? It’s the new BHG, which is where I totally stole the color palette inspiration, btw)

So, first things first. Using your template, cut a rectangle from each piece of felt, as well as a skinny piece to wrap around the middle of each bow.

Fold each rectangle, accordian style, and pinch it in the middle. Tie each with a length of embroidery floss down the middle. I tried both hot glue and my sewing machine to hold these together, the floss was quickest and easiest for me.

After each bow is tied (or glued or stitched), hot glue your skinny piece around the middle of each bow, hiding the ends in the back.

After you’re done, you’ll have a group of these pretties….

Next up-you’ll need to connect the bows together. My original thought was to use embroidery thread to stitch them together. I knew, though, that I did not want the thread to show, and, because each bow is a different color, that would be difficult with embroidery thread. So, my solution was this…

Using a small piece of felt and hot glue, I had a simple and invisible solution. Lastly, take two skinny pieces of felt to create loops for hanging. Attach to each end of your garland.

And you’re done!

So tell me, what color combinations would you create this in? Personally, I’d love to see all white, or maybe one with shades of gray and white!

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