3 tips for a healthier home

healthy home

Everyone has a favorite season, and Spring is definitely mine. If you’re one of the millions, though, that suffer from seasonal allergies, Spring can definitely feel less like a friend, and more like a foe. Allergies and asthma symptoms can be aggravated, and it’s hard to know where to start to feel relief.

healthy home tips

For me, it makes the most sense to start in the home. So today, I’m sharing 3 easy tips for creating a healthier home. In that vein, I am so thrilled that Bona is introducing the NEW Bona Free & Simple® Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which is now certified and approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

This non-toxic, effective hardwood floor cleaner removes at least 93.33% of allergens from hard surface floors, and is free of dyes and scents. It cleans effectively and is hypo-allergenic, so it is safe for allergy-sensitive families.

Here’s a before shot of my floors. There’s definitely a buildup of pollen and other allergens in this part of the home, as the kids and I are in and out of the back door often.

healthy home tips

Just spray (or purchase the cartridge bottle that goes right into your Bona mop), wipe, and you’re done.


And that’s it! Floors are clean, shiny and, most importantly, free of allergens and residue.

healthy home tips

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Another easy tip to a healthier home? Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)! CFLs can save three-quarters of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs, and the cost to light your home with CFLs is less than one-third of the cost of lighting your home with incandescent bulbs. While CFLs cost more, they last longer and use less energy.


And lastly, another easy tip for a healthy home is to check the safety of your drinking water. You can do this either by calling your local municipality for water-test results, or purchase a water test kit at your local home improvement store. If needed, install a water filtration system to ensure clean and healthy drinking water.

gray white kitchen ideas


So tell me, what is your favorite tip for a healthy home?


favorite fonts

Hello all! Today, I decided to jump on the “favorite fonts bandwagon” and share with you all MY current font crushes. These aren’t just fonts I like, they’re fonts I use ALL THE TIME, both here on my blog and in my shops. About half are free, but even the ones you pay for have been, in my opinion, completely worth it. Let’s take a peek at my faves and then, in the comments, I’d love to know yours!



1. asterism
2. nevis
3. sweet pea
4. ondise
5. penelope anne
6. katie rose
7. anna clara
8. wanderlust
9. wisdom script 

So tell me, what font can you not live without?

Thanks for reading!



3 tips for smarter spring snacking

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outshine bars

I don’t know about you, but every year when spring comes around I find myself trying to find ways to eat healthier and snack smarter. You, too? Well then you’re in the right place. Today, I’m sharing my three favorite tips on how to snack smarter this spring!

My favorite tip for smarter snacking is one that’s fairly obvious, but often neglected–keep smarter options on hand so they’re easily accessible when hunger strikes. On a recent trip to Walmart, I discovered an easy and delicious way to ensure I always have a satisfying snack on hand-Outshine Bars! For more than 18 years, Outshine has been making delicious, frozen fruit bars out of things like strawberries, peaches and coconuts. What really impressed me, though, was the variety of Outshine Bars available! Here’s a few that I picked up…

smart snacking

Yum, right? Outshine uses simple, honest ingredients that taste as good as they make you feel – and refresh from the inside out.


smart snacking

A second tip for smarter spring snacking is to remember to always snack mindfully. Forget endless bowls of chips while watching TV or reading. Portioning out healthy portions and paying attention to what you’re eating is one of the smartest ways I know to snack smart! Outshine Bars, with their individually-wrapped portions, is a great way to be mindful of your portion size.

Other portion controlled snacks include fruits like bananas and apples, mini bags of popcorn, or containers of yogurt.

outshine bars

DSC_0092 copy

DSC_0089 copy

Lastly (and this tip is my personal favorite)-indulge in an occasional treat. A treat here and there will prevent you from binge-eating later on. There’s nothing fun about feeling deprived of your favorite foods, and your smart snacking habits probably won’t last long if you feel like your favorite snacks are being withheld from you.

DSC_0084 copy

So where does your smart snacking journey begin? Right here at Walmart! This is where you can find all of these great varieties of Outshine Bars…

unnamed (1) copy


Be sure to check out Outshine on their social media channels for product news and more!
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Also, be sure to check out the “Outsmart Your Snack” quiz and sweepstakes for your chance to win one of these great prizes…

First 100 Winners receive a Fitbit Charge
Next 150 winners will receive a Outshine Beach Tote with, towel, tumbler and free product coupon

Next 300 winners will receive a year’s supply of Outshine product delivered via 12 free product coupons

They’ll also be a demo of Outshine Bars at 2000 Walmart locations (click here to see if your location is listed)! The demos will take place at the same time as Walmart’s Berry Festival!