easy valentine’s day gift–hot cocoa spoons!

valentines gift

We’re quickly approaching Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to share one last quick and easy DIY perfect for teacher, neighbor, and everyone-else gifts!

hot cocoa spoons

I’m a huge fan of hot cocoa in the Winter, so these DIY Hot Cocoa spoons are right up my alley. Drop into a cellophane bag, add a hot cocoa packet, and tie with some twine or ribbon, and you’re done!

Start with some wooden spoons, and the chocolate of your choice. Melting chocolate is GREAT for this, as it hardens well and the spoons don’t need to be refrigerated. I had this delicious Dulce de leche from Trader Joe’s, though, that I wanted to try, and all I can say is “wow.” So good. While your spoon is still wet, dip into the toppings of your choice.

valentines day gift


valentines craft

Let dry on a piece of parchment, and you’re done! I stamped “xoxo” on the handles, which is completely optional but completely adorable in my opinion :)

hot cocoa gift

valentines gift


Happy Wednesday!


love {valentine’s day free printable}

love printable

Sometimes, simple is best. Combining black polka dots, gold foil, and a lovely font, I’m so happy to share this free printable with you all. Great for Valentine’s Day, but, honestly, just as perfect all year round.

love printable

click here to download

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diy bubble valentine {a printable}


Y’all. It’s barely February, and I have my five-year-old’s class valentines DONE. Be impressed, me being this on-top-of-things doesn’t happen very often. And the best part  is that I can now share my how-to (and printable) with you all!

bubble sticks (24 for $3 at Target)
printable sheet (see below)
scrapbook paper
washi tape

diy valentines



I was able to get 4 of the tags onto an 8×10 piece of cardstock. Just click below to download, print, and cut!


click here to download

Step 1: Gather your supplies. I cut the printables into rectangles, and then cut out scrapbook paper rectangles half an inch larger.

bubble valentine

Step 2: Using double-sided tape, attach the printable rectangle onto a scrapbook paper rectangle. Tape down your bubble stick using washi tape.

diy valentine

And that’s it!


Couldn’t. Be. Easier.

Thanks for reading!