duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

duct tape wreath tutorial 600x400 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

I’m not sure about you, but inspiration strikes me in the unlikeliest of places sometimes…I don’t necessarily need nature, music, or even Pinterest to inspire me…sometimes all it takes is a stroll through Target to do the trick! I came across this aqua geometric duct tape, and I KNEW a wreath was where this DIY was going. It’s reminiscent of my Leaves and Lace Felt Wreath, as well as my Felt Ombre Wreath, but made with tape!

DSC 0059 413x600 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

All you need is tape (I used just over one pack), scissors, and a foam wreath form (mine was 12″). I’m calling this tape “duct tape”, but, technically, it’s masking tape. You can tear it by hand like masking tape, but, honestly, it feels like washi tape when you’re working with it, so it’s kind of a masking/duct/washi tape blend. Got it? So glad to clear that one up. icon smile duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

Step 1: Anyway, grab your tape of choice, your wreath form, and scissors, and you’re ready to begin! Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the first three steps in pictorial form….

duct tape wreath 1 600x300 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}
Basically, take a length of tape approximately 3.5 inches long, fold the top inch and a half over (middle pic), and then use your scissors to trim up a leaf shape.

Step 2: Attach it to your wreath form and repeat. You can get an idea below of how I proceeded around the wreath, overlapping leaves to make sure the whole form was covered.

DSC 0065 600x399 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}


And here’s an image about an hour in…halfway through!

DSC 0066 600x438 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}


Continue around the wreath form, and you’re done!

washi tape wreath diy 600x554 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}


This was one of those projects that really turned out better than I could’ve imagined. I love the color, the pattern, and the simplicity of it. If you make one of your own, please send me a picture, I’d love to see!

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felt and pom pom wreath {a tutorial}

Hello, lovelies! Before we get into today’s tutorial, we’ve had a couple of sponsor slots open up for the month; if you have a blog or small business that you think my readers would love, email me for rates and opportunities for exposure. We ♥ promoting amazing people and products!

felt and pom pom wreath felt and pom pom wreath {a tutorial}
It’s a tiny bit embarrassing to admit-but I made this wreath at least two years ago…I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to post about it. And the fact that it’s still displayed prominently in my home means that I really, really like this one-most accessories don’t have that kind of staying power around here:) What do I love about this wreath? I adore the simplicity of it, the almost graphic feel it has, and the go-with-everything color palette.

All you need for this project are a wreath form, felt, mini pom poms and fabric (I had this gray fabric leftover from another project). Just cut your fabric into 2 inch strips, wrap it around your fabric form and secure with either straight pins or hot glue. Cut your felt into leaf shapes, and sew a line down the middle of each for a bit of texture and interest, though you can easily skip this step if you’re in a hurry.

felt and pom pom wreath 2 felt and pom pom wreath {a tutorial}

Glue on your leaves and pom poms, and you’re done!

Phew. I’m glad I finally shared this one with you all–hope you try it and love it as much as I love mine!

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10 favorite candy cane-inspired crafts

There are few things that say “Christmas” to me quite like candy canes do…maybe it’s the colors, the peppermint taste, or maybe just the fact that they remind me of the candy cane reindeer we used to make as kids. Candy canes crafts have come a long way since then, and I’m sharing 10 of my favorite crafts and décor ideas with you. How do YOU like to craft with these Christmastime treats?

Untitled 3 10 favorite candy cane inspired craftsthreewreaths thumb4 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Three dollars, you say? Sign me up! This candy cane wreath is adorable and so much fun!

2 cursive candy cane clay ornaments 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Wow. These candy cane clay ornaments are truly inspired. Would be fun to label gifts with each recipients’ name!
hanging candy canes 1210 s3 medium new 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Hung with polka dot ribbon, candy canes make easy and festive décor hung from a window or mantle.

100838795 jpg rendition largest 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

For another candy cane wreath idea, check out this beribboned beauty from bhg!

la101034 1204 marshmallows xl 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Candy cane marshmallows? Yes, please!

Napkin Target 1 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

A sprig of greenery and a pretty tag take the humble candy cane to a whole new level for your holiday table.

candy cane popcorn1 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Need a teacher or neighbor gift? How about some candy cane popcorn? Love this idea.

candycanescrub 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Would love to be on the receiving end of some of this candy cane sugar scrub this year!

candyland xmas birdcraftsshop 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Why stop with just a craft or two when you can have a full Candy Cane Christmas?

candycane cakepops 1 10 favorite candy cane inspired crafts

Who could resist these yummy-looking candy cane cake pops? Answer: Not Me.

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