5 ways to green your cleaning routine

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green home

Lately, it seems like everyone’s getting green, and for good reason. We’re realizing that everything we do has an impact on the planet, and that we have great control in the impact that we create. A major area of “going green” concerns the choices we make at home, so today, I wanted to share 5 ways I’ve been going green with my cleaning routine, in hopes that it’ll inspire your own green journey.

green clean routine

1. Use green cleaning products. The easiest way to green your cleaning routine is, of course, by making sure you’re using naturally-derived cleaning products that clean without harsh chemical fumes or residue. Enter Clorox Green Works, an affordable line of products made with plant and mineral-based cleaning ingredients.

cleaning green

Target is the only place you can get the entire Green Works line, and because I’m in Target all the time anyway (please tell me I’m not the only one!), it was easy to pick up some Green Works products on my last shopping trip…

green cleaning


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open windows

2. Let the fresh air in. I was shocked to learn that the air inside our homes is often more toxic than the air outside. This is partly due to the fact that our homes tend to be very well insulated, keeping in toxic substances. Who knew? Keeping your windows open as much as you can, especially while cleaning, can help push toxic air out and allow fresh air in.

dry cleaning

3. Find a greener dry cleaner. The conventional dry cleaning industry uses a chemical called perchloroethylene, which is known to cause a number of health-related concerns, everything from mood issues to headaches to fatigue and even cancer (yikes!) A good alternative is to clean your clothes in cold water, or if special care is needed, find a Wet Cleaning Professional near you. Wet Cleaning is a new trend that offers a non-toxic, environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning.

cloth napkins

4. Use as few disposable products as possible. This is one area that I’m still working on, but making a commitment to avoid using disposable cleaning products (paper towels, paper napkins, disposable mop cloths, etc.) can go a long way towards how much waste ends up in landfills. Many people I know love microfiber cloths for cleaning, and since we all do laundry anyway, it won’t take any extra time to clean them.


5. Leave your shoes at the door. One of the simplest ways to keep a green home is by not letting the dirt in in the first place. Shoes track pollen, oil, animal waste, etc. into your home, which is especially icky for babies (who spend a lot of their time on the floor) and pets. Less dirt inside your home also means less need for cleaning, which amounts to less chemicals introduced into your home in the first place.

So tell me, what green cleaning strategies have you put in place? I’d love to hear what you do to green your cleaning routine!


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“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.

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easy iced coffee + coconut & chocolate chip scones

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coconut chocolate chip scones 1

As a mom of two, as well as a business owner, my summer days can be hectic. I absolutely adore my life, of course, but by the afternoons, I’m ready for a small break.

folgers iced cafe

Folgers gets this. They understand my love of great iced coffee and have come to the rescue with Folgers Iced Café Coffee Drink Concentrates, a line of concentrated coffee, sweetener and flavor enhancers (and no sugar or preservatives) combined in a portable squeeze bottle.

folgers iced coffee

Just add a couple squeezes to cold milk, stir, add ice, and enjoy!

easy scones

I sometimes like to add a little sweet treat to my afternoon iced coffee break, so I baked up some yummy Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Chip Scones. The recipe is easy and your house will smell divine as you’re baking them.

easy scones

Here’s what you need:

1 c. unsweetened coconut
2 1/4 c. flour
1 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
6 tbsp. very cold butter
1 egg
3/4 c. heavy whipping cream
1 c. semisweet chocolate chips or chunks

Step 1: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spread coconut onto your baking sheet and toast for 7 minutes or so (keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn). You’re looking for it to turn golden brown and fragrant. Set aside.

coconut scones

Step 2: Combine dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking soda, salt), and cut in butter using a pastry blender (or your fingers). Don’t overmix; you just want it to resemble coarse crumbs. Make a well in the center of the flour mixture.

easy scone recipe

Step 3: Combine egg and whipping cream. Beat lightly with a fork.

toasted coconut scones

Step 4: Add egg mixture to flour mixture. Add toasted coconut and chocolate chips. Using a fork, stir gently until just combined.

scone recipe

Step 5: Flour your countertop, knead dough for about 12 strokes. Gently pat dough into a rectangle (approx. 10″x4″), and cut dough to create 12 rectangles. Place on a baking sheet and brush rectangles with additional whipping cream.

scone recipe

chocolate chip scones

Step 6: Bake until golden brown, 15 minutes or so. Remove scones from baking sheet and serve warm.

scone recipe

These Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Chip Scones are the perfect accompaniment to my afternoon coffee break.

easy scones

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