easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

easy painted canvas 600x399 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

I have a thing for painting canvases; and when I tire of one, I just pull it down and paint over it. That’s what happened with this pretty blue piece. I love the colors (obviously), but I also love the abstract, whatever-goes nature of it.

painted canvas 600x399 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

All you need for this DIY is a canvas (mine is 16×24, I think), some craft paint, and a foam brush. Start off by placing dime-sized drops of paint onto your canvas-it may be hard to see, but there are 15 globs of paint here, all in the same color family (only use colors that will work well together when mixed).

DSC 0046 600x475 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


Now take your foam brush and drag it through the paint vertically, making sure your canvas is evenly covered.

DSC 0047 2 600x464 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Take your brush and make large V-shapes all over your canvas, giving it a bit of texture and pattern. It’s hard to explain, but hopefully you get the idea from the image below. It’s hard to go wrong with this step, you just want to move the paint around until you get a design you’re happy with.

DSC 0048 600x480 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


You’ll probably find that you’ll want more of a certain color, so feel free to add more when you see fit. I added more navy and kelly green, because I felt the turquoise/aqua shades were a bit over powering. Once you’re happy with your piece, let your canvas dry. Lastly, I added some white in places to add contrast and give the eye a place to rest (don’t add the white until it’s dry, or else the white will mix with the other colors).

DSC 0049 2 600x388 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


And that’s it!





DSC 0051 600x400 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


easy painted canvas 2 copy 600x483 easy painted canvas {a tutorial}


I love the look of these blues/greens combined, and I especially love how easy and fast this was to put together.

Thanks for reading!

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diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

floral monogram 415x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}


I love the idea of taking a plain jane crafting item, in this case, simple paper mache letters, and turning it into something awesome. And, yes, these letters are easily improved by pulling out the good ole Mod Podge, but I wanted to do something a bit more….

DSC 0037 2 421x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}


paper mache letter
floral foam
fake florals
hot glue

DSC 0032 3 600x415 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Step 1: Gather your materials. Using a sharp knife (and keeping your fingers out of the way!), carefully and slowly slice off the top layer of your letter. I used a bread knife, and it took about a minute or so. And, again, be careful! I don’t want to be responsible for any crafting-related ER visits:)

DSC 0034 3 400x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Step 2: Using a butter knife (what is it with me and my use of knives in this project?), slice off pieces of your floral foam to insert into your letter. Hot glue these pieces firmly in place.

DSC 0035 2 400x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Step 3: Take your fake florals and snip off the flowers, leaving about an inch or so of stem. Start placing them into your foam. As you can see, I started with the larger daisies, and then filled in with the smaller flowers.

DSC 0036 400x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Cute, right? This is going to go over Eleanor’s crib in an off-white oval frame. I can’t wait to get it up!

DSC 0039 3 copy 415x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Thanks for reading!

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25 paper straw crafts

straw crafts 450x600 25 paper straw crafts
In today’s crafty compilation, I’m sharing a collection of creative and outside-the-box uses for a relative newbie on the craft supply front- paper straws! Paper straws have been a trend for only a few years now, which is amazing considering how beloved they are now-it’s hard to imagine a gathering without them! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite paper straw crafts and tutorials….let’s get started!

diy project fringe straw 01 423x600 25 paper straw craftsdiy fringe straw via confetti sunshine

pinwheelstraws4 428x600 25 paper straw craftspinwheel straws via craft and creativity

fairy 045 copy 423x600 25 paper straw crafts fairy flower wands via icing designs

Capture 432x600 25 paper straw craftsfabric and paper bracelet via mama miss

02 paper straw wreath mdn 65136761 25 paper straw craftsstraw wreath via womans day

diy 017 399x600 25 paper straw craftscupcake toppers via icing designs

intro diy 493x600 25 paper straw craftspaper straw frames via the tomkat studio

stitched straw flags Amanda Coleman 25 paper straw craftspaper straw flags via popper and mimi

100lc WS caketop.2 25 paper straw craftscake topper via 100 layer cake

image19 paper straw easel DIY craft 450x600 25 paper straw craftsstraw easels via wants and wishes

826efd4a8d0f5c9332364d51d02de4dc 460x600 25 paper straw craftsstraw garland via sweet paul

using paper straws to makeover a vase for spring 400x600 25 paper straw crafts

vase via amy krist

straw two 587x600 25 paper straw crafts

straw frames via creative bag

10 shadowpuppets 477x600 25 paper straw crafts
straw shadow puppets via handmade charlotte

topper1 25 paper straw crafts
straw gift topper from papermash

Striped Straw Pinwheel Wreath Side 495x600 25 paper straw craftswreath via polkadots on parade

PB maj 13 600x370 25 paper straw craftsmonograms via the crafty swedes

242569 25 paper straw crafts

straw kit via craft and creativity

mothers day tutorial cxake topper 402x600 25 paper straw craftscake toppers via paper & stitch

diy himmeli ornament 2 edited 2 385x600 25 paper straw crafts
ornaments via nalles house

DSC 0085 2 copy 600x410 25 paper straw crafts

garland via burlap+blue

PartyBlowers21 400x600 25 paper straw crafts

diy party blowers via minted

2 Main1 600x399 25 paper straw crafts

hanging planters via brit & co

snowflake92 399x600 25 paper straw crafts

snowflakes via unify handmade

paperstrawflags11 428x600 25 paper straw crafts

flag placecards via craft and creativity

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