diy crepe paper garland {a tutorial}

crepe paper garland 1

Crepe paper and I are becoming fast friends. From my crepe paper backdrop to my post on 25 crepe paper crafts, I’m realizing how versatile and fun crepe paper can be. And, of course, the addition of fringe is just icing on the cake.

crepe paper garland 2


-Crepe Paper Roll (isn’t this polka dot one I found adorable?!)
-Sewing Machine (or double-sided tape-I won’t tell)
– Foam Letters

crepe paper garland 3

Step 1: Take your crepe paper, and cut 4-5 lengths that are 6′ long. I’m choosing to make a 6′ garland, but obviously you can make this garland as long or short as you’d like.

crepe paper garland 4

Step 2: Stack your crepe paper lengths on top of each other, and, using your sewing machine, sew down the length of your strips (I used a 1/4″ seam allowance).

crepe paper garland 5

Step 3: When you’re done, you’ll have this.

crepe paper garland 6

Step 4: Using your scissors, carefully cut slits in your sewn crepe paper (being careful not to snip through your stitches!) Separate your strips of crepe paper to make your garland fuller and add some dimension.

crepe paper garland 7

Step 5: Add any embellishments (I used foam letters to spell out “SHINE”, hang your garland, and admire…

crepe paper garland 8

crepe paper garland 9

Curious about the other two garlands? The top one is just different sizes of kraft paper sewn together, and the bottom is my glitter and watercolor confetti garland. So easy!

easy crepe paper backdrop


Late in June I shared my Fourth of July tablescape with you all, and wanted to circle back to go more in-depth with one aspect of the decor–my easy crepe paper backdrop. Not only does this technique make a cute table backdrop, but it’s also great for photo backdrops!

crepe paper

Now, obviously, I used red, white and blue crepe paper, but you can use any colors (I think 3 colors is best) to coordinate with your event. Here’s the easy how-to:

crepe paper rolls

crepe paper

Step 1: Take your crepe paper and cut into lengths approx. 4″ long. I cut three lengths at once to make the work go a little faster:) Once you have your pieces cut, use your scissors to trim the bottoms at an angle.

crepe paper

crepe paper

Keep going until you have about a million of these pieces cut. Just kidding. You only need about half a million :)

Now, take two pieces of crepe paper (alternating colors), place them so that the short end of each piece is facing the inside, and tape to the wall.

backdrop idea

Start at the bottom, and place each subsequent row about a couple inches above the one below it.

crepe paper

Keep going until you’re happy with your backdrop, and that’s it!

july fourth backdrop

I love super simple, easy backdrop ideas that give maximum impact to your event or tablescape.

What easy backdrop ideas do you use and love?

25 favorite crepe paper tutorials

Hello, lovely readers! For this week’s crafty compilation, I’m sharing some of my favorite tutorials using a craft medium that’s inexpensive, readily available, and so much fun–I’m talking about crepe paper!

darling decor

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fabulous flowers

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What’s your favorite way to use crepe paper? I’d love to know!