burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

burlap wrapped fall wreath1 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

Good morning, Burlap+Blue readers! Carrie here, from Dream Green DIY, back to show you my favorite way to celebrate the fall season. I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say that boots, pumpkins, scarves and pumpkin spice lattes have us all leaping for joy over the beginning of fall. It didn’t take my husband and I long to jump head first into the season by revamping our front door with a new wreath fit for the colors and rustic feeling of fall.

Straw wreath form in whatever size you’d like
Burlap cut into long, thin strips (amount will vary based on the size of your wreath form)
Staple gun, staples
Permanent marker
Three squares of felt in your favorite fall hues

img 2042 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

Start by wrapping the end of your first burlap strip around to the back of your wreath form and staple in place. Then continue to wrap the burlap around the wreath, using staples every now and then, until you’ve covered the entire wreath.

img 2059 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

Next, lay out your felt and choose your first color. I wanted to make leaf-like shapes, so I went with a simple curved template. I cut the smallest leaves first and then laid one of the forms on top of the second sheet of felt, tracing a replica shape in a slightly larger size. After cutting this second, slightly larger set out, I laid one piece on the last piece of felt and did the same thing – Tracing another slightly larger size, and then cut the final set out.

img 2065 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

img 2074 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

img 2091 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

Once all three sizes and colors were cut out, I sandwiched them all together to create colorful felt leaves. To attach them to the wreath, I used my staple gun to put a single staple in the center of each three-layered leaf. Why staples? Our front door happens to be in direct sunlight most of the day so, even on a chilly day, anything hot glued is quick to melt and fall apart. If this isn’t an issue for you, by all means, break out the hot glue gun! A set of pretty pearl-topped pins could also do the trick for adhering the felt leaves to the straw wreath.

img 2112 2 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

This oh-so-simple method has become a mainstay in our home, ever since crafting together a flowery version for the spring and summer. An added bonus is the naturally sweet smell of straw and burlap welcoming us through the front door every time we come home.

img 2196 burlap and felt autumn wreath {a tutorial}

What are YOUR favorite ways to decorate for the fall season?

Carrie Waller is a freelance writer and designer living in Lynchburg, Virginia. Her DIY blogging features for Burlap+Blue are available the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. For a real-time rehash of her home renovation projects and other DIY how-to’s, visit her blog at DreamGreenDIY.com.

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felt bunny pillow {a tutorial}

Does anything quite say “Spring” like cute little bunny rabbits? I told you in my outdoor table redo post last week that I was ready for Spring to arrive, and this will only prove as further confirmation of that…

DSC 0002 42 felt bunny pillow {a tutorial}
I use the word “tutorial” loosely….this is more a method than anything else. And an easy one at that. I shared in this post how I make my pillow covers, and this one was made out of a painter’s dropcloth. Next, choose what shape you want on your pillow, I chose a bunny for Spring, but any shape will do! Draw it, cut it out of wool felt, pin it to your pillow, and use embroidery thread to stitch to your pillow. If you’re making a pillow with a zipper (verses an envelope pillow cover), you can stitch it to your fabric before putting the pillow together.

DSC 0001 3 felt bunny pillow {a tutorial}

Notice I didn’t even Heat n Bond to secure the bunny to the pillow (I was out), but I’m not even sure if it’ll matter. Lastly, stitch a pom pom (I love these yarn pom poms, but didn’t have white yarn on hand) to the bunny’s backside, and you’re done!

DSC 0002 4 1024x856 felt bunny pillow {a tutorial}

 What craft or DIY project is on your list to help welcome Spring?

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felt and pom pom wreath {a tutorial}

Hello, lovelies! Before we get into today’s tutorial, we’ve had a couple of sponsor slots open up for the month; if you have a blog or small business that you think my readers would love, email me for rates and opportunities for exposure. We ♥ promoting amazing people and products!

felt and pom pom wreath felt and pom pom wreath {a tutorial}
It’s a tiny bit embarrassing to admit-but I made this wreath at least two years ago…I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to post about it. And the fact that it’s still displayed prominently in my home means that I really, really like this one-most accessories don’t have that kind of staying power around here:) What do I love about this wreath? I adore the simplicity of it, the almost graphic feel it has, and the go-with-everything color palette.

All you need for this project are a wreath form, felt, mini pom poms and fabric (I had this gray fabric leftover from another project). Just cut your fabric into 2 inch strips, wrap it around your fabric form and secure with either straight pins or hot glue. Cut your felt into leaf shapes, and sew a line down the middle of each for a bit of texture and interest, though you can easily skip this step if you’re in a hurry.

felt and pom pom wreath 2 felt and pom pom wreath {a tutorial}

Glue on your leaves and pom poms, and you’re done!

Phew. I’m glad I finally shared this one with you all–hope you try it and love it as much as I love mine!

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