decoupage an unfinished wood frame {last-minute holiday gift idea}

decoupage wood frame 1


Hard to believe, but we are well into December and I’m sure I’m not the only one with holiday gifts on her mind! Today, I’m sharing a fun, easy and customizable gift that everyone will love. This craft comes together quickly and is a great project idea for a kids craft or even a Girls Night!

decoupage wood frame 2

Take one unfinished wood frame (easy to find at any craft store), add one gorgeous sheet of paper and a felt bow, and you’re left with this adorable and easy decoupage wood frame! There are so many ways to customize these, and they make great gifts! Let’s take a look at the how-to…

Mod Podge Matte
Unfinished Wood Frame
Material for a Bow (optional)

decoupage wood frame 3

Step 1: On the back of your paper, trace your frame (both the outside and the opening where the photo goes). I found this gorgeous metallic gold, cream and gold paper from Papersource (though any paper will do). Cut out your shape.

decoupage wood frame 4
Step 2: Apply Mod Podge to your frame. Lay your paper over the Mod Podge and press to adhere. It helps to use a decoupage brayer or even a credit card to help press your paper onto your frame. But even if your paper wrinkles a bit, don’t worry about it–it’s hard to see and helps add a bit of character to your finished product.

decoupage wood frame 5
Step 3: Gently sand the edges of your frame. This step is optional, but I feel like it gives your frame a more finished look.

decoupage wood frame 5

decoupage wood frame 6
Step 4: You’ll see that I had a length of cream canvas in the “materials” photo, but I wasn’t happy with how the cream bow looked with the frame, so I went for gray felt instead. Sometimes you just have to try different materials to see what you like best! My felt piece was 3″ x 6″, and I folded it accordian style and hot glued the ends together. I then took a piece of gold ribbon and wrapped it around the middle. I hot glued the bow to the frame and that was it!

decoupage wood frame 7
I adore how this turned out…I think it’ll have a home in my craft room for now so I can keep my littles’ faces nearby while I create!
decoupage wood frame 8
Can you believe I have over 50 mod podge crafts on my blog? Crazy! Shows how much I love the stuff, though. Thanks for reading!

modern felt wreath {a tutorial}

felt wreath 1

I should just have a separate blog dedicated to wreaths…I make them All. The. Time. For instance, here’s another felt wreath from last year, turquoise felt and glitter wreath, and, since Fall’s right around the corner, a roundup of favorite Fall wreaths. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Though, in my defense, I haven’t created a wreath quite like this before. I love the blocks of color and it’s so, so simple!

felt wreath 2

Various Colors of Felt
Wreath Form
Embellishments (I used paper butterflies)
Hot Glue
Ribbon or Fabric for Hanging

felt wreath 3

Step 1: Take your felt, and cut lengths that are approximately 6″ long x 2″ wide. I used 26 for my 12″ wreath form, but you’ll use more or less depending on how far apart you space them. I stuck with a blue, green and gray color palette, but wouldn’t this wreath look great in oranges, yellows, and reds for Fall? Or maybe lots of bright colors for a birthday? The color combinations are endless!

felt wreaths 4

Step 2: Wrap a length of felt around your form, and hot glue it closed on the back of your form. Unlike other felt wreaths I’ve created, this one is really quick to make! It took about 15 minutes to glue all the felt to the wreath.

felt wreath 4
Step 3: When you’re done, you’ll have this.

felt wreath 5

Step 4: Add some embellishments (or keep plain for a simpler, more modern look), hang, and admire!

felt wreath 6

Need more wreath inspiration? Click here for my wreath archives!

felt bow garland {a tutorial}

felt bow garland by burlap+blue

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Sharing a repost from (hard to believe) THREE years ago. Where does the time go? Enjoy!

First, gather your felt, scissors, hot glue, embroidery floss and some cardstock to create your template. I made my template business card size (maybe a tad longer), but create yours however you like.

(See the magazine peeking out in the corner of the photo? It’s the new BHG, which is where I totally stole the color palette inspiration, btw)

So, first things first. Using your template, cut a rectangle from each piece of felt, as well as a skinny piece to wrap around the middle of each bow.

Fold each rectangle, accordian style, and pinch it in the middle. Tie each with a length of embroidery floss down the middle. I tried both hot glue and my sewing machine to hold these together, the floss was quickest and easiest for me.

After each bow is tied (or glued or stitched), hot glue your skinny piece around the middle of each bow, hiding the ends in the back.

After you’re done, you’ll have a group of these pretties….

Next up-you’ll need to connect the bows together. My original thought was to use embroidery thread to stitch them together. I knew, though, that I did not want the thread to show, and, because each bow is a different color, that would be difficult with embroidery thread. So, my solution was this…

Using a small piece of felt and hot glue, I had a simple and invisible solution. Lastly, take two skinny pieces of felt to create loops for hanging. Attach to each end of your garland.

And you’re done!

So tell me, what color combinations would you create this in? Personally, I’d love to see all white, or maybe one with shades of gray and white!

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