gold glitter dot crafts

gold dot crafts 1

I’ve fallen head-over-heels with the gold trend, as you can see from this gold polka dot wall post, this gold laptop sleeve post, and these gold foil planters (among others). When I saw these gold glitter dot stickers (on clearance!) at Target the other day, I knew it was my chance to glam up even more things in my home.

gold dot crafts 2


Glitter Dot Stickers
Gold Paint
Mini Canvas
Small Dish or Bowl

gold dot crafts 3

Step 1: Can’t find the gold dot stickers? No worries. You can easily find glitter cardstock at any craft store; just take a circle punch and punch out as many dots as you’d like! You’ll then need to use Mod Podge to affix them to your canvas and dish.

For my canvas, I wanted to add a bit more texture and interest, so, in addition to the glitter dots, I used a mini spouncer and gold paint to add gold circles onto the canvas.

gold dot crafts 4

Here’s what the canvas looked like when I finished painting…

gold dot crafts 5

Step 2: Let the paint dry, and add your glitter stickers.

gold dot crafts 6

Step 3: And that’s it! So easy. Next, take the same dots and use them to decorate your bowl/trinket dish.

gold dot crafts 7
Step 4: I really love how this turned out…it’ll be perfect for corralling jewelry, but I can also see it holding paper clips on a desk, pins on a sewing desk, anything really!

gold dot crafts 8

The uses for these dots are endless. How would YOU use them? I’d love to know!

diy glitter ornaments {a tutorial}

glitter ornaments diy 1

I can’t say enough good things about these glitter ornaments. They are great for neighbor/teacher gifts, gift toppers, or to sell at holiday craft fairs! I chose gold glitter, but you could have so much fun choosing different colors (and even mixing different colors on the same ornament)!

Mod Podge Gloss
Clear Glass Ornaments
Glitter (I used gold extra fine glitter)
Round Foam Brush and/or Paintbrush

glitter ornaments diy 2
Step 1: First, you’ll want to take your Mod Podge, pour a little bit onto a piece of parchment paper or foil, and create your design on your ornament. I did simple dots, as well as free-form lines. Just don’t let this step take too long–Mod Podge dries fast!

glitter ornaments diy 3
Step 2: Gently sprinkle your glitter all over the mod podged parts of your ornament. Let dry.

glitter ornaments diy 4
Step 3: Once dry, use a dry foam brush to gently remove the excess glitter. You may have to go back and touch up some spots (I know I did!) Once completely dry, tie a pretty piece of twine or ribbon on end (if desired), and then make about a hundred more–these are so fun to create and gift, it’s hard to stop at just a few :)

glitter ornaments diy 1

glitter ornaments diy 5
Have a lovely day!

Glittered Place Cards {a tutorial}

glittered place cards 1

Want to know a secret about me? I love, love, love browsing in craft stores–there’s always so much goodness to be found and I could browse for hours. While doing the aforementioned browsing the other day, some plain chalkboard and cork tags caught my eye. I knew that I could combine them with glitter and mod podge and make something amazing!

glittered place cards 2

Mod Podge
Tags of Any Shape
Twine for Hanging
Spouncer or Foam Brush

glittered place cards 3

Step 1: Tape off an area on your shape that you want to add glitter to. You can tape off a section (gives the shape a “dipped” look), add a stripe, or experiment with other ways. Use your spouncer to apply Mod Podge to your taped-off section.

glittered place cards 4

Step 2: Apply glitter to the Mod Podged area. For lighter colors (especially on the darker chalkboard), you may want to apply two coats (letting each coat dry fully before applying the second).

glittered place cards 5

Remove the tape and let dry.

The crafting possibilities here are endless. I love these tags for placecards, but I also think they’ll have home in my holiday gift wrap this year.

glittered place cards 7

So tell me, what’s your favorite way to decoupage with glitter? I’d love to know!