personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

photo ornaments

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving, friends! I have the perfect ornament tutorial to share with you all today. It’s hard to believe Christmas is upon us, and these will make a GREAT gift for the loved ones in your life (I should know…I’ve already made four of these cuties to give away)!


Mod Podge
wood blocks (sanded, with a hole drilled through the center)
foam brush
square photos
Rit dye (optional)

mod podged photo blocks

Step 1: First, you’ll need to resize and print out the images you want to use on your blocks. The blocks that I used are 1.5″ cube, so I shrunk my photos down to 1.25″. I used four photos per block, and used three blocks per ornament for a total of 12 pictures per ornament. Don’t forget to also create a square for the date! If you’re unable to make the blocks yourself, you can easily find them online (here’s a link to some I found on Amazon). FYI-I used Photoshop Elements to resize my images, but any photo editor should work.

Step 2: If desired, use Rit dye to dye your blocks. Here’s a tutorial I did last year on dyeing clothespins-just use the same technique for dyeing your blocks. Step 3: Using scissors, cut our your images, and Mod Podge them onto the four sides of your blocks.

mod podged photo ornaments

Step 4: Let dry. Apply 3 coats of Mod Podge to seal, allowing your blocks to dry well in between coats. Almost done! Now we’re ready to add the ribbon. I used a length of ribbon that was 25″ long, you may need a different length depending on the size of your blocks.

mod podged photo ornaments

Step 5: Fold your ribbon in half, and tie a knot at the top of your ribbon. This is how your ornament will hang from your tree (or wherever your recipient decides to display it).

DSC_0007 (6)

Step 6: Take the loose ends of your ribbon, and string all three blocks onto it. You can tie a knot between each block (like the photo below), or skip it. I think it looks fine either way! Once done, tie a knot at the bottom of the ribbon to hold the blocks on. Lastly, take lengths of ribbon and tie to the loop end of the ribbon to decorate it!

DSC_0010 (9) mod podged photo ornament

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, see you all next week!

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clothespin ornament {a tutorial}

Happy Crafting!  Jillian here from Her Split Ends with a fun and easy ornament crafting idea. I was on the hunt for a fun project to use some of the leftover clothespins from a baby shower I hosted for my sweet sister-in-law.  When I stumbled across a little inspiration on Pinterest {shocker!} I knew just what to do…make an ornament!!!  Not only is it a cute {and easy} project, its something I can give to my little niece as a memento from that special day.

diy clothespin ornament

Supplies 8 clothespins hot glue ribbon or twine {if hanging} glitter/ paint/ embellishments {optional}


  1. Take apart all {8} clothespins {the metal spring should pop right off with just a little finagling – I used skinny pliers}
  2. Each clothespin will give you {2} pieces with one side flat.  Align the flat sides together and use hot glue to attach.
  3. Once all pairs are glued together, start by glueing two together at the rounded end.  4 total will make the first shape of the snowflake. {similar to an X shape}
  4. Glue the remaining 4 pairs into the inside corners of the X shape.
  5. **optional: add glitter, or a quick dash of metallic paint for a little extra shine
  6. Tie with ribbon, twine or wire
  7. Hang & Enjoy!

diy clothespin ornament

diy clothespin ornament

So get crafting this holiday season!!  Find ways to make your decor more meaningful by incorporating things that you love and that bring back all those wonderful holiday memories!

Cheers ~ Jillian

My Pottery Barn Handprint Ornament {and why you need one, too}

One of the realities of parenthood is that the days may seem long, but the years are short. I love creating and gifting keepsakes around the holidays that are meaningful, beautiful, and that we’ll cherish for years to come. I recently purchased the Baby Handprint Ornament (currently on sale!) from Pottery Barn Kids, and it’ll definitely be one of those keepsakes that we’ll love for a lifetime.

After purchasing the ornament kit, my 3 year old couldn’t wait to open it up and get to work. Everything you need is in the kit, and it probably took all of 5 minutes to put it together (not counting drying time, of course).

See how much fun we’re having? It really is easy, quick and foolproof! The safe and non-toxic air dry clay requires no mixing or baking.

We used it as part of our holiday decor, but this product would also make a great baby gift and keepsake-what a perfect, thoughtful present for baby showers, baptisms, birthdays, or any occasion for that matter!

See how nicely it fits in with my aqua and red holiday decor? I also tried it out on our Christmas tree…

My 3 year old loves pointing it out to visitors, letting them know exactly whose hand it is. If I didn’t love it so much myself, I think it would make a fabulous gift topper for grandparent gifts! They’re currently on sale, with free shipping, so I may need to pick up a couple extra!

So tell me, what’s your most treasured holiday keepsake?

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