felt bow garland {a tutorial}

felt bow garland by burlap+blue

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Sharing a repost from (hard to believe) THREE years ago. Where does the time go? Enjoy!

First, gather your felt, scissors, hot glue, embroidery floss and some cardstock to create your template. I made my template business card size (maybe a tad longer), but create yours however you like.

(See the magazine peeking out in the corner of the photo? It’s the new BHG, which is where I totally stole the color palette inspiration, btw)

So, first things first. Using your template, cut a rectangle from each piece of felt, as well as a skinny piece to wrap around the middle of each bow.

Fold each rectangle, accordian style, and pinch it in the middle. Tie each with a length of embroidery floss down the middle. I tried both hot glue and my sewing machine to hold these together, the floss was quickest and easiest for me.

After each bow is tied (or glued or stitched), hot glue your skinny piece around the middle of each bow, hiding the ends in the back.

After you’re done, you’ll have a group of these pretties….

Next up-you’ll need to connect the bows together. My original thought was to use embroidery thread to stitch them together. I knew, though, that I did not want the thread to show, and, because each bow is a different color, that would be difficult with embroidery thread. So, my solution was this…

Using a small piece of felt and hot glue, I had a simple and invisible solution. Lastly, take two skinny pieces of felt to create loops for hanging. Attach to each end of your garland.

And you’re done!

So tell me, what color combinations would you create this in? Personally, I’d love to see all white, or maybe one with shades of gray and white!

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make an easy dot canvas {a tutorial}

canvas art

canvas art


Canvas art is a definite obsession love of mine (see here for lots of proof of that)–it’s easy, it’s versatile, and the finished product always looks much more expensive than the price of the few materials it took to create it. Today’s canvas creations are no exception I wanted to replace the three prints we have hanging on our dining room wall, and these square canvas pieces were a perfect fit.

easy canvas art

You just need canvas(es), paint and a pencil! I liked the look of these square 12×12 canvases, and I chose an array of blue and green paints for this project.

Step 1: Since I wanted my paint to be a circular shape, I traced a large circle on each canvas. I decided on a palette for each canvas (one of dark blues, one of light blues, and one of greens), and used my pencil eraser to start stamping.

make canvas art


Step 2: Keep going–you’re getting there! I love how the shades of blue mixed and blended with each other; I purposely didn’t wash the eraser between colors to get this effect.

canvas art


Continue until you get to the edges of your circle (or whichever shape you chose), let dry and hang!


painted canvas

canvas art




canvas art


Thanks for reading!

diy confetti gift wrap {a tutorial}

confetti gift wrap
My decor and design tastes tend to err on the side of simplicity; I don’t always like a lot of bright color, flash or gloss. But sometimes, y’all, a bit of playfulness and fun feels just right, and these confetti gift wrap ideas definitely fall into that category. I took plain jane gift wrap items-kraft-wrapped gifts, chalkboard tags, and vellum bags, and easily added interest and color with metallic confetti. Here’s how to add some sparkle to your own giftables…

Mod Podge Gloss
gifts, bags or tags to confett-ize

confetti gift wrap 2

Step 1: The first step is to decide on your design. As you can see, I did initials for the wrapped gifts (sketching out how I wanted it to look in pencil first), and gave the tag and vellum bag a “dipped” look by painting a strip of Mod Podge on the bottom of each. Add your Mod Podge to your gift…

confetti gift wrap diy

Step 2: Liberally sprinkle your confetti over your Mod Podge, then gently shake off the excess. I did this over a plastic bag, but you may want to consider doing this step outside; it does make a mess! Let dry.

confetti gift wrap 4
I think the vellum bags are adorable; you could also do this with jute or burlap bags. Wouldn’t these make cute party favors? Or how about adding confetti to paper mache letters to decorate a child’s room? Or add confetti to the outside of balloons? The possibilities are truly endless!

confetti wrap 5

Have a lovely day!