personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

photo ornaments1 384x600 personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

Happy day-before-Thanksgiving, friends! I have the perfect ornament tutorial to share with you all today. It’s hard to believe Christmas is upon us, and these will make a GREAT gift for the loved ones in your life (I should know…I’ve already made four of these cuties to give away)!


Mod Podge
wood blocks (sanded, with a hole drilled through the center)
foam brush
square photos
Rit dye (optional)

DSC 0001 5 personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

Step 1: First, you’ll need to resize and print out the images you want to use on your blocks. The blocks that I used are 1.5″ cube, so I shrunk my photos down to 1.25″. I used four photos per block, and used three blocks per ornament for a total of 12 pictures per ornament. Don’t forget to also create a square for the date! If you’re unable to make the blocks yourself, you can easily find them online (here’s a link to some I found on Amazon). FYI-I used Photoshop Elements to resize my images, but any photo editor should work.

Step 2: If desired, use Rit dye to dye your blocks. Here’s a tutorial I did last year on dyeing clothespins-just use the same technique for dyeing your blocks. Step 3: Using scissors, cut our your images, and Mod Podge them onto the four sides of your blocks.

DSC 0003 7 personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

Step 4: Let dry. Apply 3 coats of Mod Podge to seal, allowing your blocks to dry well in between coats. Almost done! Now we’re ready to add the ribbon. I used a length of ribbon that was 25″ long, you may need a different length depending on the size of your blocks.

DSC 0006 personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

Step 5: Fold your ribbon in half, and tie a knot at the top of your ribbon. This is how your ornament will hang from your tree (or wherever your recipient decides to display it).

DSC 0007 6 683x1024 personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

Step 6: Take the loose ends of your ribbon, and string all three blocks onto it. You can tie a knot between each block (like the photo below), or skip it. I think it looks fine either way! Once done, tie a knot at the bottom of the ribbon to hold the blocks on. Lastly, take lengths of ribbon and tie to the loop end of the ribbon to decorate it!

DSC 0010 9 personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial} DSC 0015 4 655x1024 personalized photo ornaments {a tutorial}

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, see you all next week!

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Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}

mod podged photo canvas 1 600x385 Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}

I am so excited to share this project with you all today–I just love how it turned out and it’s so simple to make! The gifting possibilities, too, are endless…this would be perfect for a baby gift, a family holiday gift, or even a wedding present (just use the couple’s last initial)! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Mod Podge Gloss
foam brush
canvas (I used 8×10)
photo paper

Step 1: The first step is to go into your word processing program (or Photoshop, if you have it), find the font you want to use, and print out the initial of your choice on 8×10 vellum paper. Here’s a screenshot of my image right before printing. As you may be able to see, I used Gil Sans Ultra Bold for my font, 750 pt. Other fonts that would work well for this project are Berlin Sans and Impact, both of which came with my Microsoft Word Program. Basically, you just want a heavy, chunky font. Print out your letter on vellum (use a light gray color for printing, instead of black), and cut your letter out.

mod podge rocks post 600x474 Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}
Step 2: Print your photo out onto cardstock or photo paper. Take your vellum letter and position it over your photo, moving it around until you are happy with the placement (the portion of the image that shows through the vellum is what will be displayed on the canvas.

DSC 0042 3 424x600 Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}

Step 3: Cut out your initial. You may be able to do this with scissors, or you may need to use an x-acto knife and mat to get a clean cut.

DSC 0036 3 600x460 Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}

Step 4: Take your initial and apply a layer of Mod Podge to the back. Position onto your canvas and press firmly. Let dry completely.

DSC 0040 600x515 Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}

Step 5: Apply three thin coats of Mod Podge to seal. This is one project where multiple thin coats are preferable to fewer thick coats. Let dry completely between coats.

DSC 0044 2 443x600 Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}

And there you have it! There are so many amazing ways to customize and be creative with this project, everything from using a black and white photo to painting the canvases a bright, bold color before applying the initial.

photo canvas tutorial 600x406 Personalized Initial Photo Canvas {a tutorial}


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felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

felt leaves glitter wreath 600x465 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}


If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know how much I love making felt wreaths (and here , here and here). I wanted to make an updated version using this beautiful turquoise felt I found at Hobby Lobby and decided to add some glam with some gold glitter. I love the effect, and think it’ll go beautifully with my holiday decor this year.

felt (I used 6 pieces for this wreath)
straw wreath (mine is 10″)
Mod Podge
hot glue

DSC 0033 600x499 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Step 1: Cut your leaf shapes out of your felt. I did this by first cutting my felt lengthwise into stripes about 1.5″ wide, then cutting the strips into pieces about 2.5″ wide, and then cutting those rectangles into leaf shapes. I used sharp scissors and was able to cut through several layers of felt at the same time to make it go a bit faster.

felt and glitter wreath felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Step 2: Time to start hot gluing! Pick a point on your wreath to begin, and, working around your wreath, layer your leaf shapes, making sure not to leave any part of your wreath form visible…

DSC 0039 3 600x400 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Step 3: Bring on the glitter! I chose just to add glitter to only one section of leaves, but you can glitter-ize as many as you’d like. I used a post-it note to protect the felt surrounding the leaf I was adding glitter to. I used a foam brush to add Mod Podge to the leaf, added some glitter, and then gently tapped the wreath to remove the excess.

DSC 0041 2 600x451 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

Let dry, and you’re done. Wreaths are one of my favorite things to decorate with, and I’m so glad to have one more in my arsenal!

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely Monday!

DSC 0047 2 600x465 felt & glitter wreath {a tutorial}

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