diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

floral monogram 415x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}


I love the idea of taking a plain jane crafting item, in this case, simple paper mache letters, and turning it into something awesome. And, yes, these letters are easily improved by pulling out the good ole Mod Podge, but I wanted to do something a bit more….

DSC 0037 2 421x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}


paper mache letter
floral foam
fake florals
hot glue

DSC 0032 3 600x415 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Step 1: Gather your materials. Using a sharp knife (and keeping your fingers out of the way!), carefully and slowly slice off the top layer of your letter. I used a bread knife, and it took about a minute or so. And, again, be careful! I don’t want to be responsible for any crafting-related ER visits:)

DSC 0034 3 400x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Step 2: Using a butter knife (what is it with me and my use of knives in this project?), slice off pieces of your floral foam to insert into your letter. Hot glue these pieces firmly in place.

DSC 0035 2 400x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Step 3: Take your fake florals and snip off the flowers, leaving about an inch or so of stem. Start placing them into your foam. As you can see, I started with the larger daisies, and then filled in with the smaller flowers.

DSC 0036 400x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Cute, right? This is going to go over Eleanor’s crib in an off-white oval frame. I can’t wait to get it up!

DSC 0039 3 copy 415x600 diy floral monogram {a tutorial}

Thanks for reading!

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duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

duct tape wreath tutorial 600x400 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

I’m not sure about you, but inspiration strikes me in the unlikeliest of places sometimes…I don’t necessarily need nature, music, or even Pinterest to inspire me…sometimes all it takes is a stroll through Target to do the trick! I came across this aqua geometric duct tape, and I KNEW a wreath was where this DIY was going. It’s reminiscent of my Leaves and Lace Felt Wreath, as well as my Felt Ombre Wreath, but made with tape!

DSC 0059 413x600 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

All you need is tape (I used just over one pack), scissors, and a foam wreath form (mine was 12″). I’m calling this tape “duct tape”, but, technically, it’s masking tape. You can tear it by hand like masking tape, but, honestly, it feels like washi tape when you’re working with it, so it’s kind of a masking/duct/washi tape blend. Got it? So glad to clear that one up. icon smile duct tape wreath {a tutorial}

Step 1: Anyway, grab your tape of choice, your wreath form, and scissors, and you’re ready to begin! Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the first three steps in pictorial form….

duct tape wreath 1 600x300 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}
Basically, take a length of tape approximately 3.5 inches long, fold the top inch and a half over (middle pic), and then use your scissors to trim up a leaf shape.

Step 2: Attach it to your wreath form and repeat. You can get an idea below of how I proceeded around the wreath, overlapping leaves to make sure the whole form was covered.

DSC 0065 600x399 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}


And here’s an image about an hour in…halfway through!

DSC 0066 600x438 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}


Continue around the wreath form, and you’re done!

washi tape wreath diy 600x554 duct tape wreath {a tutorial}


This was one of those projects that really turned out better than I could’ve imagined. I love the color, the pattern, and the simplicity of it. If you make one of your own, please send me a picture, I’d love to see!

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DIY brushstrokes painted pillow {a tutorial}

DSC 0074 copy 600x399 DIY brushstrokes painted pillow {a tutorial}

Happy Monday! I apologize for my blog being quiet last week–Summer has, so far, been quite busy (all in a good way, but still). Today, though, I have a DIY painted pillow tutorial for you all! Hope it makes up for my silence:) You may remember my painted pillow tutorial from a couple of months ago…while I liked the concept, I wanted something a little less colorful, with a little more white space to better blend in my my living room’s decor. I made two of these, in about an hour, and I love them! Here’s the how to….

For these pillows, I used white Ikea pillow covers, and a selection of craft paint (navy, turquoise, kelly, gray, white and yellow).

DSC 0039 2 600x472 DIY brushstrokes painted pillow {a tutorial}


DSC 0041 2 600x377 DIY brushstrokes painted pillow {a tutorial}


Using a paintbrush (I used the end of a foam brush, one per color), dip it into your paint, and make simple brushstrokes randomly across your pillow covers. I started with my darker colors, and let them dry before applying my lighter colors to avoid excessive bleeding and blending of colors. I varied the length and direction of my strokes, aiming for a random, whimsical pattern. Here they are about halfway through!

DSC 0046 600x385 DIY brushstrokes painted pillow {a tutorial}


Add paint until you are happy with your pillow covers, let dry, and insert pillow forms. Easy as pie.


DSC 0071 copy 400x600 DIY brushstrokes painted pillow {a tutorial}

DSC 0073 copy 400x600 DIY brushstrokes painted pillow {a tutorial}

Is there any easier, more impactful way to update a room than with new pillows? I think not. I love the color, texture and pattern that these beauties add to the space!

Happy day, Lovelies!

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